Thursday, July 8, 2010

This Man's Best Friend...

Every story you read has a beginning and end,

this one is no different, it's about my best friend.

Once upon a time, sixteen years before

the MOST handsome dog arrived at my door.

I NEW when I saw him, he was meant to be

to share a friendship of love, God gifted him to me.

Years we’ve spent, together we’ve grown

with Albert my dog, I was never alone.

Always there if I needed him, at my side he stood

no friend more loyal, like a "good boy" should.

We'd play chase the shadow and one, two, three.

I'd whistle his name and he'd come to me.

As I look at him there, how lucky I've been

to go thru life with this wonderful friend.

Though years have now passed he's aged and can't see,

so now I am there for him as he's been for me.

I've known for sometime we'd have to say our goodbyes.

I'm just not prepared with tears in my eyes.

So to finish my story about THIS man's best friend

it's breaking my heart to utter those words.....the end.

Albert, I am already missing you more than you know!

" boy!"

Reynolds Still


  1. so lovely, it is my story too- I felt the same way about Moses-it was the least I could do for him after he had brought so much love into my life. Sorry for you loss.

  2. awwww, I'm so sorry you lost your best friend. He was a beauty -you can see his old soul through his eyes in the early photo.

  3. This brought me to tears again! Two beautiful fellas. Love you, Summer.

  4. Only someone lucky enough to experience the love of a dog such as Albert can understand the depth of your thoughts and emotions. I am one of the lucky ones with my "first born" Chihuahua named Peanut. We picked Peanut out of the litter the day she was born. Even though our household has grown with the birth of a healthy baby girl, Peanut is still my baby girl too.

  5. Thanks to EVERYONE who sent me kind words thru the blog comments, emails, cards, etc. You are ALL wonderful friends!

    Best regards,
    Reynolds and Albert

  6. so sorry for your loss, having 3 precious
    companions, that unconditional love is
    the best.....everyone should experience the
    love of a best friend or friends like Albert.

  7. As a fellow dog lover and retriever owner, I know the feeling well. We had to say goodbye to our old darling boy Raff last year and the hole has just not been filled yet... they are never forgotten xx


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