Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A House on the Heights

No. 1
I’ve never thought I was a man of today but always someone who had lived a life of notoriety, creativity and fascination from years past. Maybe that explains my attraction to those that were lucky enough to live MY bygone years! Reynolds Still is not someone whose claim to fame is “well read” but have always been very intrigued by those rock stars of years past who were literary giants! Steinbeck, Hemmingway, Capote lived a life of what rock stars live today…..glamour, excitement and SCANDAL!

No. 2
Capote, the name itself is marketable. A man of incredible literary talent and the king of self promotion, this man has always been of great fascination to me. An American author of literary classics such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s and In Cold Blood, Truman Capote was unquestionably a man of creative talent with words.

No. 3
A pop culture icon, most don’t realize that he was a marketing genius able to promote his own persona well beyond his gift. I’ve read countless stories about his life and lifestyle. His friendships with the well to do along with the lavish social gatherings he fashioned translate into infamous tales for those like me intrigued with a glamorous yet scandalous past! You can only imagine the wheels of my imagination spinning when I came across the Brooklyn town house that Capote once lived in now for sale!!! A bit formal it seems for a “rock star” however, my mind is spinning with the thoughts of talking walls!!!!!

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If you’re a Capote fan as am I, it is worth a skip over to HERE to read in short about his life!

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