Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Devil Of A Good Time!

Zac Brown Band!  Definitely someone to keep your eye on.........

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Wanna Be Nudie Cohn!!!

Nudie Cohn
Famed western clothing designer, Nudie Cohn popularized sequins and rhinestone studded suits for the entertainment industry for more than 40 years strong. His remarkable costumes, which were made to suit the company motto that "it is better to be looked over than overlooked," are highly collectible today and sell for upwards of $1000 when in good condition.

Original Nudie Cohn worn by Roy Rogers

Nudie Cohn cowboy boots 

Nudie's Rodeo Tailor label stiched in all originals

Nudie Cohn western jacket

Nudie Cohn Jesus jacket
 Nudies Rodeo Tailors created western styled designs for mega stars like Hank William, Roy Rogers, Porter Wagner, Elton John, ZZ Top and Elvis Presley.

Nudie Cohn with Elvis Presley wearing the famous gold lame' suit 
Best known for the infamous $10,000 gold lame’ suit worn by Elvis, many may not know that Nudie also customized automobiles with his out of this world creative touch using silver plated guns, hood mounted horns, silver half dollars and hand tooled leather.

 Nudie customized automobile

Nudie customized automobile

Nudie customized automobile
I wanna be Nudie Cohn! Talk about an OUT THERE example of someone with a creative gift!

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Winner Winner, Chicken Diner?

Even though I’ve only posted a few stories about manly inspired cuisine, I get more response from those stories than anything else, even from the ladies. Sitting here trying to think of WHAT could I share about food that would stimulate the Reynolds Still fan club, it hit me! Hit me like a blue plate special!!!

Why is it do you think that when WE make a meat loaf or chicken fry, maybe a hamburger or a cream pie that it just doesn’t taste like it does when Flo serves it up at Mel’s diner? I’m not sure either but what I do know is it’s the best food EVER tasted and rarely ever duplicated when we attempt to create the same recipes in our home’s kitchen.

A local restaurant and REYNOLDS STILL favorite, this diner serves gravy over all and has since 1946! Anyone that comes to this area knows that you may have to wait a long while to simply get a table, but, believe you me, you won’t mind waiting a bit! Murphy’s Steakhouse is a landmark diner and is quintessential American cuisine at its best! This diner’s signature dish is the hot hamburger and when ordering, expect to hear the waitress ask, “gravy over all”? It would be a sin not to!

Gravy Over All!
I would think it safe to say, anytime you’re looking for a place to get one of the best meals EVER…check out your local diner and be sure to tell them Reynolds sent ya! Salute!

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MEN’S Room!

Look at what I just purchased recently at an online auction! I’ve been searching for a piece of artwork to hang in my small bathroom renovation and was focused on a specific design of framed art. I don’t know how things work for you but for me, I had this image in mind, focusing only on the vision however nothing ever jumped out and said BUY ME! FINALLY, I was able to break the headlock and open my mind to a different point of view. Instead of doing an old school English landscape, I decided to go vintage Urban style!! TWO OF MY FAVORITE THINGS. The placement of these 1920’s Milk Glass Marquee Movie Theater letters are going to be perfect! Once I get them hung, I’ll take a few photographs, post them and let you see the FINAL conclusion to my “what was supposed to be a weekend renovation but has turned into a 2 month progression” small bathroom transformation.   

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Extra, Extra.....Read All About It!

This spectacular piece of garden structure is featured in a current post on Cote De Texas titled Reed Dillion: Private Gardens.  An ALL TIME fav of Reynolds Still, Little Miss Gracious Living Joni Webb is the best when it comes to writing in humorous detail anything to do with creative interior and exterior design.  She and I have many things in common, one being that shameless window peeping when we see those interior designs to die for.  Hopefully one day our paths will cross and I can thank her for making me feel like birds of a feather.  Be sure to check out this article!  Click HERE!    

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Expect the Unexpected!

Photo of Reynolds Still Side Yard
Expect the unexpected is an understatement today as I look out my windows knowing that there is a possibility of 10 inches of accumulation with blizzard like snow blowing across my gardens. What’s crazy is that the day before, I was feeling the spring fever with 70 plus degree weather, invigorating sunshine kissing my face and the introduction of spring with bulbs in bloom all through my yard! Feeling the effects of brrrrrrrrdom, today would be the perfect day to cozy up one last time next to the fireplace and share a few visuals with my readers. 

A Reynolds Still Favorite!

Stay Warm!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day!

The famous Blarney Castle in Ireland was built in 1446. Located in Blarney Village, 5 miles northwest of Cork in southern Ireland, the castle is one of Ireland's most popular attractions.  An amazing piece of architecture wouldn't you say!
The Blarney Stone is without a doubt the most famous part of Blarney Castle. Also called the legendary Stone of Eloquence, it is located at the top of the castle’s tower. Legend has it that if you kiss it, you’ll be struck with eternal eloquence and will never be at a loss for words.

I've been told sometimes I'm full of blarney, guess next time I won't be so offended! 

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