Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Emasculating Picture Hangers!

No. 1
Clever of some woMAN for coming up with the idea to use a man’s trouser hangers to hang a PHO-TOE! Think about it, it’s an ingenious way to suspend photographs of loved ones or party banners of some sort giving it that creative old school vibe. Even though I’d like to tip my hat to the thinking out of the box originator of this idea, it still leaves me feeling a bit emasculated!

No. 2
Traveling thru history of mankind, a man’s clothing was THE distinguishing trademark separating men from any other creature. Pants were the one iconic piece of clothing that represented masculinity and was respectfully treated as such! Therefore, thankful are we for the invention of the gentleman’s pant hanger.

No. 3
The Setwell pant hanger was patented on April 24th, 1934 by F.K. Deknatel. The Setwell was a definite closet must have for any man of style back in the day. Even though numerous replicas have been produced and used properly throughout the years, one only has to compare new to old to see how superior the Setwell hanger remains.

 No. 4
So with all that useless bit of information shared, it’s safe to say as trends come and go like hanging photographs with pant hangers, it’s a well-hung pair of trousers that will always be the standard by which MANkind is judged.

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