Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's A Grand Ole Flag...

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10 things you probably didn’t know about the American Flag…

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1. Good ole Betsy Ross was not the designer of the American National Flag. Believe it or not, it was Ralph Lauren! I’m kidding…that honor goes to Francis Hopkinson of New Jersey, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

2. Until 1905, commercial advertisements were allowed to be printed directly on the flag! Thank GOD that was thrown by the wayside, otherwise we’d be seeing “Always Low Prices at Wal Mart”! Ugh!

3. 13 star flags still qualify as an official flag.

4. Before the 1920s, flags were often HUGE so that they could effectively serve their purpose as signals. Most were between 8 and 20 feet long. Some even measured 35 to 45 feet. Yikes! Try putting that on a flag pole!

5. Small printed flags that were hand held on sticks were referred to as parade flags or hand wavers. In the 19th century they were made in a never ending variety of diverse designs.

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6. There was no officially sanctioned pattern for the stars on the American flag until President Taft passed an executive order in 1912. Apparently he felt the design had run amuck!

7. The flag had no official shape until 1912. Before then it could have been square or long and skinny shape.

8. Many old flags have rows or columns of stars, but more interesting patterns include stars placed in consecutive circular wreaths and something known as the “Great Star”, which placed the individual stars in the form of ONE big star. Talk about a collector’s item. I’ve got mine!!!

9. Modern flag ethics didn’t emerge until the 1890s when veteran groups became vocal about the symbolic value of the flag. Before then it was admired but wasn’t idolized as it is today.

10. Because old flags came in so many designs, it has become popular to frame and display them as art and history.

No. 9
Probably the MOST plagiarized theme ever, we should all respectfully PLEDGE OUR ALLEGIENCE to the good ole red, white and blue!  Thanks to Jeff Bridgman for providing the FUN facts about the American Flag. 

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