Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Reynolds Still Gentlemen's Club!

No. 1
Of course I write much about guy this and that stuff, Reynolds Still IS about a GENTLEMAN'S STANDARD OF LIVING!  Nevertheless, there are so many creative woMEN amongst us boys that should be part of the Reynolds Still Gentlemen's Club and happy to include them! 


No. 2
Art by Merryl Jaye

I want to extend a one up acknowledgment to my all time favorite jazz artist, Diana Krall as one of the guys. Playing jazz since the age of 15, this gifted jazz artist has been a favorite of mine for more than a number of years. If I were to recommend ONE compilation of her incredible music catalog to my readers it would have to be Live In Paris. It's as smooth as butta!

She flies me to the moon baby!

Best regards,

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  1. LOVE her -i think I have most of her albums (well, the mp3s anyway)


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