Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Great Escape!

Growing up, my brother Campbell and I would do everything together.  One of the things we liked doing often was build a fort. Inside or outside, we always had a fort of some sort. One of our favorites was to empty out the bottom of our closest and put our sheets and pillows from our beds on opposite ends. He always had his side and I mine, never to cross the other’s. Genius I thought of us both to create a small alcove for us to rest our weary heads and escape from all the evils of the world. It was our bed fort! Little did I know that bed forts OR more commonly known as alcove beds, are centuries old! Regardless who came up with this creative design, it is a cozy and secluded way to escape all the evils of the world. Today…..I feel like building a bed fort!

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