Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Well Traveled Man

You would think that Reynolds Still would be quite the world traveler………. or at least took a road trip every now and then. Regretfully I must admit that I’ve become more of the home nester than a man with suitcase in hand and destination ahead of me. One of my goals this New Year is to get out of my tired old routine and take a road trip whether it is well planned or it’s ‘grab a bag and let’s get out of Dodge’! Now when I say grab a bag, I don’t necessarily mean grab that plastic grocery store sack or zip-lock baggy that I’ve been known to grab and then fill it full of too many toiletries and that extra pair of shoes I really don’t need. No, this year in an effort to become that Well Traveled Man Reynolds should be known for, I not only will be traveling out of city limits but also will be traveling in well respected style!!!

The first step is to find the luggage.....the suitcase….THE BAG! Every man should own at least ONE leather easy carry leather hold-all, messenger or tote bag. Am I right?

Dann-Online or Orvis is a great place for the well dressed man to shop for all his traveling requirements. Both online shops, purveyors of fine accouterments in the Americana tradition………boy that was a mouthful, carry The Colonel Littleton Bag collection. A Tennessee based company, Colonel Littleton has been crafting American made accessories for a number of years. The Colonel’s signature brown steer hide is dry milled, making the bag soft and supple. The natural hide markings are preserved in order to add to the character of the bag so expect this piece to get better with many years of travel. This line of he-man leather travel bags has a unique assortment to choose from as well as a variety of specialty cases to fill and pack inside these perfectly designed travel bags.

Col. Littleton Canvas and Leather Shave Kit

Col. Littleton Canvas and Leather Necktie Travel Bag

Valet Stainless Steel Collar Stay Carrying Case

I’m grabbing my Colonel Littleton and getting the heck out of Dodge!

Best regards,

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