Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Now That’s A Woody!

1939 Chevy Woody Wagon
Tell me this isn’t a good looking piece of automotive ingenuity.

Sleek in its design with handsome detailing of wood panels surrounding the posterior of the vehicle, the “woody” as it is affectionately referred to, holds its own in the history books of innovative, automobile design.

1948 Woody Silver Streak
From the early days of car manufacturing to the 1960s, several forms of the Woody were manufactured by the little known to automotive giants like Dodge, Ford and GM.  The 48' Silver Streak Woody is a spectacular example of craftmanship with it's mahogany wood panels, sparkling chrome detail, wide brim white walls and calming silver blue paint.

1947 Ford Sportsman
Even though the Woody was less expensive to produce than aluminum or steel paneled vehicles, Woodies were also constructed in luxury form as you can see with the Ford Sportsman.

8 Door Buick Woody
Due to the nostalgia that surrounds the historic Woody, it is quite popular amongst the vintage car enthusiast and understandably so!  Have you ever seen a Woody any bigger than this 8 door?  I think not! 

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