Saturday, January 8, 2011

My You-ies for 2010!

It had to be you, wonderful you!
For nobody else gave me a thrill.
With all your faults, I love you still.
It had to be you, wonderful you, it had to be you!

A few of my favorite HAD TO BE YOU-IES this past year.

No. 1
Billy Reid Men’s Fashion

Winning the 2010 Best New Menswear Designer in America pretty much lets you know that this guy is the bomb diggity! What I like most about Mr. Reid’s designs is that it has a vintage vibe to its fashion. The bow tie and hankie represent the diversity of the Reynolds Still man.

No. 2
Captain Morgan for me please!

One of the most popular drinks around, Captain Morgan and Coke has been a Reynolds Still favorite this past season. CM is perfectly aged and enhanced with special fruit flavors, spices and a slight hint of vanilla. Deliciously different and exceptionally smooth, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum has a character as unforgettable as The Captain himself!

No. 3
The New Victorian Ruralist

Okay, this is my all time favorite of the year. It is a mad sprint to the laptop every morning to see if Gentleman James has posted anything new and exciting for us all to read. The New Victorian Ruralist is an amazing blog that produces incredible visuals and informative exposure of what’s HOT and what’s NOT. He’s in the “know” on what tomorrow’s trends are going to be, so take it from me, we should all worship the ground the Ruralist floats above! I’m not worthy!!!

No. 4
Honda Fury

You know, sometimes a man just needs to be a man. He doesn’t want to be bothered with anything other than the wind in his face and the power between his legs. The Honda Fury is a piece of visual stimulation that can make any man feel in control! I hope to be getting mine soon. Can you feel the POWER!?!?

No. 5
Macaroni and Cheese

You couldn’t go to any restaurant this past season without finding the “adult” version of macaroni and cheese. Who doesn’t like a good mac and cheese? It is such a diverse comfort food with a 1,001 ways to make it. Reynolds Still created one of the BEST recipes this year and hoped that everyone got an opportunity to sample my delectable tongue teaser. Salute!

No. 6
Lofty Spaces

Another HOT trend this past season is the revitalization of lofty building spaces. There are many attributes that reference masculine appeal: exposed brick, wood floors, and open spaces. I am in the process of looking for just that type of abode. When I do, you are ALL invited to my open house pajama party!

No. 7
Chesterfield sofa

There are few things in this world that exemplifies nothing but MAN-appeal! The Chesterfield is just that. It represents strong definition, bold expression, and is masculine in appearance. The Earl of Chesterfield undeniably had an eye for great design.

No. 8
Swiss Army Blankets

I think we are all guilty of having a blankie at one time or another. Though the original version may be hard to come by, the popular 1940’s blankets are now being reproduced by select designers. Comfy and warm, this manly blankie is a definite must have for any fashion conscious snoozer.

No. 9
Vintage Photo Cards

It’s an improvised family album collecting vintage photo cards. I always make certain to have a great story to tell whenever someone asks me about who the guy is in the cards I collect. I display them with much pride and creativity knowing that that guy in the picture was once a Reynolds Still.

No. 10
Steve McQueen

Once considered the King of Cool, Steve McQueen is still making a notable impact on the style of every man today. He’s been mentioned all over the blogosphere this past season and Reynolds Still has referenced him many times. Take note of his approach fellas because he’s someone we should all emulate! Long live the KING OF COOL…..

Congratulations to all those You-ie Award winners and in closing I’d just like to say………..We liked you. We really, really liked you!

Best regards,


  1. To say I am flattered beyond belief is an understatement. Your comments and compliments always motivate me to keep The New Victorian Ruralist “ahead of the game.” Thanks so much for the nod. I hope 2011 is a year filled with accomplished goals, the company of good friends, and amazing style. Kudos to you sir. Kudos to you.

    The New Victorian Ruralist

  2. James, thank you so much for sharing your style with every Reynolds Still man! As always...

    Best regards,

  3. awesome list. thanks for introducing me to billy reid. love that look...

    and of course, I know and love TNVR....

  4. Great choices for a loft...may I add a touch of Industrial for that unique new York lived in loft experience. As a showroom owner and designer, i don't go for pretty, I much prefer rough, industrial, large scale, reclaimed, but with the perfect sofa and soft accessories...


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