Saturday, January 22, 2011

Factory Shoppin'!

No. 1
Now that I have been scouring the city for a new place to dwell, of course I’ve been doing a lot of “visual” rearranging to give my new abode that just perfect Reynolds Still vibe.  Of course I will need lots of props to scatter throughout my space that will keep all those invited guests visually entertained.  I’ve been window shopping and found several things at Factory 20 that will make just the perfect conversation piece. 
No. 2
Belgian 1930's industrial hand forged floor lamps.  Perfect lighting for bedside reading.

No. 3
Vintage canvas leather hoisting sachel.  I'm thinking the sachel would make a nice pot cover for a large indoor plant.

No. 4
Vintage industrial screen partition made of wood and iron.  LOVE this piece and think it is perfect for a room divider in an open floor plan.

No. 5
Antique early electric Edison lightbulb collection.  A nice collection to be seen across a fireplace mantel.

No. 6
Primitive wall partition wood with metal accent room divider.  I would use these doors to replace closet doors in the master bedroom or pantry doors.  I like replacing doors with vintage.  It's an easy conversation piece.

No. 7
Vintage student chemistry atom models.  Great color to add randomly to a display shelf or hang them on a large wall for a unique art piece. 

No. 8
Vintage marching band base drum.  The ULTIMATE man instrument or is that the tuba?  I would flip the drum on it's side, top it with glass and make a handsome coffee table.

No. 9
Antique Kovacs plywood table lamp.  Replace the shade and I promise, you'll have a lamp that is definitely a one of a kind.

No. 10
Reynolds Still Favorite!  Vintage talking machine horns.  A very masculine visual as is for your bookshelf. 

No. 11
Vintage Hammond industrial wall clock.  Great timepiece for that urban, modern kitchen. 

No. 12
Vintage victorian iron haberdashery clothier's rounder.  The living spaces that I've looked at have limited closet space.  This is a perfect piece that is not only practical but very visual to make an artistic statement!

Open your mind and remember that one man's trash is another man's visual work of art!

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