Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Extra, Extra.....Read All About It!

No. 1
Was browsing one of my favorite blogs and came across a post that literally made me take a second look and maybe even a third! Geeze Louise I thought! Wish there was a more masculine catch phrase, but I digress…this interior by Ken Fulk almost had me doing the “GIMME GIMME” MAN dance! You had to be there but thank GOD I was home alone! Check out one of my most favorite blogs ‘All The Best’ by glam girl Ronda Carman to get the FULL story and visuals! Geeze Louie!!!

No. 2
Not a fan of blue but these blue suede chesterfileds ROCK the Kazba!

No. 3
The entertainment value of this bed goes without saying!

Even though I'd be excited to show you more, I wouldn't be much of a gentleman if I let the cat out of the bag.  Please take a moment and enjoy the blog post by All The Best.  It's a month old post but I'm tellin' ya, you've gotta see this creative man-view!  Click HERE

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  1. Boy I did too! Has a very masculine look and makes a definite statement in such a large open space. Thanks for checking out my blog Mona!

    Best regards,


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