Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MEN’S Room!

Look at what I just purchased recently at an online auction! I’ve been searching for a piece of artwork to hang in my small bathroom renovation and was focused on a specific design of framed art. I don’t know how things work for you but for me, I had this image in mind, focusing only on the vision however nothing ever jumped out and said BUY ME! FINALLY, I was able to break the headlock and open my mind to a different point of view. Instead of doing an old school English landscape, I decided to go vintage Urban style!! TWO OF MY FAVORITE THINGS. The placement of these 1920’s Milk Glass Marquee Movie Theater letters are going to be perfect! Once I get them hung, I’ll take a few photographs, post them and let you see the FINAL conclusion to my “what was supposed to be a weekend renovation but has turned into a 2 month progression” small bathroom transformation.   

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