Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ah, If Only I Had Brought A Cigar With Me!

Recently I was chatting up a friend of mine who by the way, I happen to have great admiration for. We were discussing the simple pleasures of life and during the course of conversation he painted a picture that struck my imagination with such an unexpected calmness. On occasion this friend would take his motorcycle miles out to a forgotten area of a local lake, parking in a secluded spot that he was certain only he knew of and revel in the views of nature. As he was visually enjoying the breath taking scenery, he would reach inside the leather saddle bags of his bike and pull out his favorite bottled beer along with a sweet smelling cigar. What could be better he said than looking at an untouched view, drinking your favorite cold beer and puffing on an expensive cigar. Normally, I’m not much a fan of the smokes but there was just something about this self indulgent tale of his that made me feel like I should be beating my chest like Tarzan!

What is it about a fine cigar that makes you feel so good when you felt so lousy? What is it about a nasty little habit like smoking cigars so regal? What is it about the world of cigars that embraces all of life’s luxuries….

The world’s most stylish portable humidor, this 1925 Louis Vuitton created trunk originally housed a portable set of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica for the traveling scholar. However, a later owner adapted the rare item to a more practical purpose. The trunk was renovated to house 500 cigars in removable boxes lined with seasoned Spanish cedar along with a removable humidor in burled American walnut. This spectacular piece of vintage Louis Vuitton is valued at $27,800. Quite handsome wouldn’t you say?!

This vintage ‘69 Airstream has been masterfully converted into a cigar smoker’s dream on wheels! The Mobile Cigar Lounge completely renovated to include five flat screen televisions, a wine cooler, expresso and wet bars, ostrich leather covered seats, cherry wood cabinets, cedar walls and ceilings and a beautiful hand-hammered copper sink. A Reynolds Still 2009 You-ie Award Winner, this cigar lounge is class all the way!

The Jean Fillioux Cigar Club is a rich, full-bodied Cognac, specially blended to pair well with a cigar. The nose is honeyed and sweet with notes of unlit cigars, marzipan and vanilla spice, a little prune and stewed fruit. The palate is full and rich and the finish is long and sweet with spices.

Cigar Bar at No.5 Cavendish Square, London is a favorite of the cigar connoisseur.  This old school trendy establishment is filled with leather chairs, wood paneling and all things masculine.

Demeter's own Humidor scent is an irresistible balance of tobacco, spices and ozone.  Another Reynolds Still favorite.

And for those of you wanting to learn anything about cigars, their history, storage and is a great place to visit. They provide useful information about everything that a cigar aficionado may need. If you have any storage questions, quality issues, problems choosing yourself a stick or if you simply want to know more about cigars, you'll want to check them out!

Here's to you, my cigar smoking friend for making me feel for that brief moment at peace and one with all MANkind!

Best regards,

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