Sunday, June 26, 2011


No. 1
To all the LOYAL friends of Reynolds Still, I apologize for falling behind on my posts.  Since I’ve returned to school full time as well as started my NEW career, it seems like I’ve lost touch with what truly drives who I am…….Mr. Creativity!  Being that I’ve got all my homework finished, I looked in  every nook and cranny to find something HIP and MANtastic that I could share with my readers.  Although I didn’t find the latest trend or get the one up on the who, the what, the when, the where, and the how… I decided to look for inspiration, something that would bring me back to the roots of REYNOLDS STILL......visual stimulation.  Enjoy!!!
No. 2
All Saints mens' store window display.  Looking at these treddle inspired sewing MANchines, makes you wonder how many pairs of Levi's one of these can stitch in ONE day?! 

No. 3
All Saints mens' clothing store show room.  I love a store that inspires the desire to shop!

No. 4
Cement!  What's more masculine than a material that is ROCK hard!

No. 5
Vintage Aston Martin....didn't the coolest man in the world, Steve McQueen, own one of these bad boys?

No. 6
Masculine inspired dining room.....lucky for the guy who owns this space that teacher didn't make him write a thousand times, "I've been a bad, bad boy!"

No. 7
Men's clothing store, London.  Look at all the detail!  I don't think I would even bother looking at the clothes as I'm so inspired by the visual creativity.  Detail, detail, detail!

No. 8
Jazz.....because it just makes me feel COOL like that!

No. 9
STOP!!!  Now before you judge....look at the visual detail.  We all know no one would be wearing that to their 8 to 5 job but look at the detail.  Incredible creativity!!!

No. 10
I'm definitely getting a radiator grill for some urban wall art!  A Reynolds Still favorite.

No. 11
Wingtips.....need I say more?!

So what visually stimulates you?

Best regards,

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  1. I recently saw All Saints on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. I thought the decor came close to overpowering the merchandise rather complimenting it. But it is a very good looking store.


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