Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Bachelor!

No. 1
A very masculine perspective, this Tribeca Penthouse makeover will blow your mind.  I like this Jacobsen Egg chair covered in cowhide with the steel clad fire door framing it from behind.  Notice the original industrial pulley system used to open and close the metal door.  Detail, detail, detail!!!

No. 2
Very handsome rosewood industrial desk perfect for writing my blog posts!

No. 3
Incredible urban detail shown in this hallway stainless-steel shelving unit.   

No. 4
I like me some clothes so this dressing room had me at HELLO!

No. 5
Glass enclosed bathroom with limestone tub screams I'm Bringin' Sexy Back!

No. 6
I've become a BIG fan of the open approach to kitchen and dining.  It provides great opportunity to entertain while preparing those bleu cheese, bacon angus burger sliders for your guests.  Don't forget to include the chipotle ranch dressing for dipping! 

This masculine bachelor pad makeover is the creative design of David Mann and Brett McMullen of MR Architecture + Decor.  Holla!!!
Best regards,


  1. Never saw a Arne Jacobsen egg chair covered in cowhide, very interesting! The dressing room - Nr. 4 is my dream, and an 'open-kitchen-dining' a "must have"!
    Great post again!
    Greetings from Périgord,

  2. You have really great pictures. I am going to add your blog to my favorites. Thanks for sharing!


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