Wednesday, February 9, 2011

With This Ring…..

No. 1
Antique Pistol Spy Gun
Produced in 1800, this antique French pistol spy gun is a creative example of a MANccessory.  This intricate, yet impractical 5-shot working revolver was once one of the smallest killing devices ever created.

No. 2
It is believed that if the finger mounted firearm were fired, the smoke, flames, and noise would be significant.  The muzzle velocity would be so loud that the powder burn would be worse than the bullet. 
No. 3
Even though it isn’t classified as the most efficient protective firearm, its creative craftsmanship certainly presents itself as an exceptional MANccessory.

Throughout time, the well dressed man has always known when to accessorize and when not to.  One simple rule of good taste is to remember that less is always more.  Today’s designers are mixing it up with every masculine concept imaginable.  I’ve picked out a few Reynolds Still favorites that make a statement “with this ring.”

No. 4
Concrete and stainless steel ring by 22design. 

No. 5
Stainless steel ring with screws by Rochet Bijoux Siderale.

No. 6
Stainless steel and black rubber square ring by Veto.

No. 7
Titanium and carbon fiber ring by ZoeandDoyle on Etsy.

No. 8
Zebra wood and stainless steel ring by Tivi.

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