Sunday, March 13, 2011

Best Foot Forward…

No. 1
Someone once asked me why I spent so much time crossing every “T” and dotting every “I”.  I was quick to respond that you ALWAYS have to put your best foot forward!
No. 2
…and so does Barker Black.  English to the core, Barker Black is the epitome of the modern English gentleman.  Established in 1880 by Arthur Barker, Barker Black was quick to become legendary in the craftsmanship and refinement of men’s shoes.  As it was then and still today, BB shoes are essential for any man that wants to make a good impression.
No. 3
A Reynolds Stil favorite, can you dig it?!

No. 4

No. 5

No. 6
Don't you know Mick Jagger has a pair of these!

No. 7

No. 8

No. 9
Remember fellas, if you wanna leave a good impression.....remember to always put your best foot forward.

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  1. My father is big wingtip wearer...these are gorgeous!


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