Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cluttered Disarray!

No. 1
Life can be overwhelming at times leaving your mind in cluttered disarray.  For those Reynolds Still followers who have wondered where I’ve been, if you find out could you please let me know!
No. 2
No. 3

No. 4
No. 5

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  1. You have no idea how odd it is to click on an interesting photo-link in a blog's sidebar & then discover that the rest of the images on the post are of your own place. Well, of your former place. OK, of my former place. Whatever. It's still odd--but in a good way. Then again, Roland Bello's photos can make anything look good.

    To be honest, though, even when my place is perfectly ordered as it is in photos 2 through 5--which, at the moment, would be never, since I switched apartments a while back & the new place still isn't put together--my brain is often much closer to photo number 1, and if I were to find myself back in school again, the way you are, it would probably be worse than that. Hang in there.

    I quit my first career at 40, went back to school to get an interior design degree in a town three hours away, worked two jobs in two different towns for three long years, found time to do my projects and, somehow, I survived, which is more than I can say for my poor car. If, on the other hand, multiple demands on your limited time & energy ever get to be too much, pull the plug here until you get used to the new routine. It's not like the Internet will be gone when you come back.


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