Saturday, December 26, 2009

My first!

Everyone remembers their first…….their first kiss, their first car, their first job, their first BLOG! My introduction to the blogosphere was a bit late probably due in part, I thought blogging meant countless hours of reading and as those close to me know, I HATE to read. What does stimulate me however is visuals. I can spend countless hours looking at photographs in coffee table books, magazines, the internet, blogs, whatever! When I first caught a glimpse of Hollister Hovey, it absolutely took my breath away! The style and sophistication Hollister shares with the blog world is nothing short of classic. I must admit, I became obsessed with the Hovey-way. Hi, my name is Reynolds and I’m a Hoveyaholic. I wanted to BE Hollister! Everything from men’s fashion, architecture, landscape, shopping, traveling, entertaining………Hollister has something to say. So much so, I found myself reading!!! The agony of it all! Could these words behind all the images Hollister shares give me any insight into the Hovey-way? You bet they do! I read every single post of HH thank you very much! I finally felt connected, NOT! Once I started to read the words I discovered Hollister was a GIRL, a beautiful girl! How could such a beautiful woman paint such a masculine picture? At first I didn’t know what to think and for a few days refused to go anywhere near her! Here I wanted to be Hollister and to find out this, I felt like such a girl! The shame of it all. After several days of sulking and soul searching, I have since made peace with Hollister and am back to being one of HER biggest fans. So here’s to Hollister Hovey and the incredible style we, both men and women, can admire from afar.

Best regards,

Ralph Lauren via HH

Riding Boots via HH

Downtown Association Building NY via HH

Blithewood Mansion Gardens via HH

Marlow + Sons Cocktails via HH

Duke of Windsor WASP Fashion via HH

HH Living Room via HH

The breathtaking Hollister Hovey

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